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This Is A Quick Guide To Setting Up Your Car  For Weather Adjustments.All Setups Are Made With 70 Degrees Temp, Clear, No Wind and Driven Like You Got Ballz ;)


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MOMO Wheel Setup

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Cup Setups

Late Model Setups


Loose Entry
 Stiffer RF Spring
 Less Rear Sway Bar (will loosen car under power and tighten entry)
 More Front Weight (will create more RF tire wear and temp)
 Stiffer Front Sway Bar ( will tighten the car on both entry and exit)
 Stiffer RR Spring (will loosen car under power and tighten entry)
 Less RF Neg. Camber ( will tighten entry and exit)
 More Toe Out
 More Front Shock Compression
 Less Rear Shock Rebound
 More RF Caster
Tight Entry
 Softer RF Spring (less RF tire temp/wear and slight tighter exit)
 Raise LR Track Bar (slightly less tire temps, tighter exit)
 Stiffer LF Spring (loose entry tighter exit)
 Lower RR Track Bar (loose entry tighter exit)
 Less Front Weight
 Less LF Caster
 Less RF Shock Compression
 More LR Shock Rebound
Tight Middle
 Raise Rear Track Bars (evenly, will be looser throughout corner)
 Softer RF Spring (may make car too loose on entry)
 Stiffer LF Spring (looser entryand middle/tighter exit)
 Stiffer RR Spring (tighter entry/looser middle out)
 More Caster Split
 More LR Rebound
 Less RF Shock Compression
 Less Rear Weight (less weight on RFtire/less tire temp looser thru)
 More Rear Sway Bar (will create more RF tire temp)
 Less front Sway Bar (mostly noticed in entry and exit)
Loose Middle
 Lower Track Bars (usually evenly,will be felt thru out corner)
 Stiffer RF Spring (more RF tire temp,works mostly on 2nd half of corner)
 Softer RR Spring (less RR tire temp,works mostly on 1st half of corner)
 Less LR Shock Rebound
 More RF Shock Compression
 Less Rear Sway Bar
Tight Acceleration Zone
 Raise RR Track Bar (tighter entry/looser exit)
 Lower LR Track Bar (tighter entry/looser exit)
 Stiffer RR Spring (looser middle off)
 Softer LR Spring looser middle off)
 Less Front Weight
 More Front Shock Rebound
 Less Rear Shock Compression
Loose Acceleration Zone
 Lower RR Track Bar (looser entry/tighter exit)
 Raise LR Track Bar (looser entry/tighter exit)
 Softer RF Spring (looser entry/tighter exit)
 Softer RR Spring (tighter entry/looser exit)
 More Front Sway Bar (tightens entry and exit)
 Less Rear Sway Bar (tightens car thru out corner)
 More Front Weight
 Less LR Shock Rebound
 Less RF Shock Rebound
 Less RR Shock Rebound
Tight Exit
 Lower LR Track Bar (tighter entry/looser off)
 Raise RR Track Bar (tighter entry/looser off)
 Stiffer RR Spring (tighter entry/looser middle out)
 Less Front Weight
 Softer LR Spring (loosens car middle off)
 More Front Shock Rebound
 More RR Shock Compression
 Less RF Shock Compression
Loose Exit
 Softer RR Spring (looser entry/tighter exit,helps alot with "SNAP LOOSE" the last second of the corner when you almost made it and it stepped out)
 Less RR Track Bar (loosens entry/tightens exit)
 More LR Track Bar (loosens entry/tightens exit)
 More Front Weight (tightens car thru out corner,also a big help with snap loose)
 More Front Sway Bar (tightens entry and exit)
 Less LF Shock Rebound
 More RF Shock Rebound (big help with snap loose)