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Rookie Year- 2001
Poles- 58
Wins- 47
Titles- 5
DTR Stats:
EVR Winter Wonderland '03 Late Model
3rd Overall Oldero Hot Laps 14.78942
5th Overall Oldero Quick X 2:30.4042 TRT 15.04042 Avg. 14.92977 Best
EVR Invitational Oldero Speedway Feature Winner
OMS 7 Time Oldero Speedway Feature Event Winner
(DTR) OMS Oldero Speedway Track Champion 2002
N2K3 Stats:
Pole Positions-48
*MWRL Pocono GNS, July 1st 2004 165.606 F
*MWRL Chicagoland GNS, July 15th 2004 180.911 F
*MWRL Daytona BR Aero88, December 16th 2004 47.962 O
*VLR Michigan Aero88, December 21st 2004 179.435 F
*AREMF Bristol Night Cup, March 6th 2005 15.300 O
*NOASCAR I-70 CTS, April 15th 2005 17.161 O
*NOASCAR Texas Cup, April 17th 2005 27.965 O
*MWRL Darlington Cup, May 12th 2005 28.617 O
*MWRL RichmondBR GNS, May 20th 2005 21.418 F
*NOASCAR Richmond Cup, May 22nd 2005 21.796 O
*STC Irwindale Late Model,December 27th,2005 18.441 F
*STC Ace Late Model,January 3rd,2006 114.540 F
*EVR Preseason STC Race Late Model,Febuary5th,2006 20.869 O
*ASRS Ace Late Model,October 8th,2006 15.576 O
*ASRS Mansfield Limited Late Model,November 9th,2006 16.133 F
*ASRS Ace Limited Late Model,March 6th,2007
15.686 F
*ASRS Hickory Limited Late Model,April 10th,2007 14.584 F
*ASRS Myrtle Beach GNS,April 18th, 2007 15.243 F
*ASRS  Rockford Limited Late Model,May 1st,2007 13.230 F
*ASRS Toledo Late Model,September 30,2007 16.044 O
*ASRS USA International Limited Late Model,October 16th,2007 21.794 F
*ASRS Music City CTS,October 18th,2007 20.157 F
*ASRS Cordele Limited Late Model,October 23rd,2007 16.099 F
*ASRS Mansfield Limited Late Model,October 30th,2007 16.238 F
*ASRS Mesa Marin CTS, March 6th,2008 17.537 F
*ASRS Motor Mile Limited Late Model,March 25th,2008 16.208
*ASRS Minnesota Limited Late Model,April 1st,2008 17.926 F
*ASRS Madison Limited Late Model,April 8th,2008 16.952 F
*ASRS Irwindale Limited Late Model,May 6th,2008 16.907 F
*ASRS Mansfield Outlaw Late Model,May 18th,2008 16.205 O
*ASRS ACE Limited Late Model,May 27th,2008 15.674 F
*ASRS Dover CTS,May 29th,2008 23.636 F
*ASRS Jennerstown Limited Late Model,June 10th,2008 18.533 F
*ASRS South Boston GNS,June 11th,2008 15.177 F
*ASRS Michigan CTS,June 12th,2008 40.616 F
*ASRS New Smyrna Modified,June 25th,2008 17.289 F
*ASRS Richmond Limited Late Model,July 1st,2008 21.799 F
*ASRS O'Reilly Raceway Park CTS,July 25th,2008 23.174 F
*ASRS  Bristol Night SB CTS,August 19th,2008 15.018 F
*ASRS Hickory Night GNS,August 27th,2008 14.530 F
*ASRS Star Limited Late Model,September 2nd,2008 12.991 F
*ASRS Cornando Limited Late Model,September 9th,2008 14.363 F
*ASRS Toledo Limited Late Model,September 16th,2008 16.259 F
*ASRS Talladega CTS,October 2nd,2008 52.966 F
*ASRS Mansfield Limited Late Model,October 28th,2008 16.297 F
*ASRS South Boston CTS,October 30th,2008 15.730 F
*ASRS Irwindale Limited Late Model,December 8th,2008 16.873 F
*ECT Stafford 2008 Night SK Modified.April 5th,2009 19.918 F
F= Fixed Setup O= Open Setup
Wins- 40
(N2K3) MWRL Daytona BR IROC
(N2K3) MWRL Texas IROC
(N2K3) MWRL Pocono BGN
(N2K3) MWRL Richmond BR IROC
(N2K3) AREMF Eight Bowl Cup
(N2K3) AREMF Daytona BR Cup
(N2K3) MWRL DaytonaNightBR Aero88
(N2K3) EVR DaytonaBR Cup
(N2K3) MWRL RichmondBR IROC
(N2K3) NOASCAR Martinsville CTS
(N2K3) EVR Texas Cup
(N2K3) NOASCAR Talladega GNS
(N2K3) EVR Darlington Cup
(N2K3) EVR RichmondBR Cup
(N2K3) NOASCAR Richmond Cup
(N2K3) EVR Phoenix Night 2K5 Cup
(N2K3) STC Irwindale Late Model
(N2K3) EVR Jennerstown Night OSC Late Model
(N2K3) EVR Thompson Night OSC Late Model
(N2K3) EVR Irwindale STC Late Model
(N2K3) EVR Jennerstown Night STC Late Model
(N2K3) EVR Thompson Night STC Late Model
(N2K3) ASRS Kentucky Speedway RPM Series Late Model
(N2K3) ASRS South Boston RPM Series Late Model
(N2K3) ASRS South Boston AA Series Late Model
(N2K3) ASRS CMP AA Series Late Model
(N2K3) ASRS Dover BR East Series
(N2K3) ASRS Mesa Marin CTS Series
(N2K3) ASRS Motor Mile AA Series Late Model
(N2K3) ASRS Martinsville CTS Series
(N2K3) ASRS Kansas CTS Series
(N2K3) ASRS Mansfield AA Series Late Model
(N2K3) ASRS ACE AA Series Late Model
(N2K3) ASRS Dover BR CTS Series
(N2K3) ASRS South Boston GNS
(N2K3) ASRS O'Reilly Raceway Park CTS
(N2K3) ASRS Five Flags Limited Late Model
(N2K3) ASRS Hickory GNS
(N2K3) ASRS Cornando Limited Late Model
(N2K3) ASRS Irwindale Limited Late Model
(N2K3) MWRL IROC Series Champ 2004
(N2K3) EVR Segment 2 Cup Series Champ 2005
(N2K3) EVR Late Model Short Track Challenge 2006
(N2K3) ASRS Limited Late Model OPS Summer 2008


Winning Streak 3 Straight of 4 MWRL IROC Series Wins
Winner Of The Very First EVR N2K3 Hosted Race
Runner-Up In Overall EVR 2005 N2K3 Wins With 5
Runner-Up Overall In EVR TNT Cup Points 2005
Runner-Up Overall In STC Weekly Series Late Model Points 2006
Most ASRS Limited Late Model Poles with 6 in 2007
Runner-Up Overall In ASRS Limited Late Model Points 2007
ASRS 2007 Limited Late Model Most Improved Driver
ASRS 2007 Limited Late Model Driver Of The Year
ASRS 2008 CTS Rookie Of The Year
ASRS 2008 CTS Driver Of The Year
All Stats Are From League Events , No Lobby Bousting Here